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Sending a thank you card was never just as simple as sending a thank you card for me. I could spend hours in a card boutique mulling over their various options. Which papers did I like? What colors spoke to me? Which size? Did I have enough text to fill the inside of the card? Should I say a whole paragraph, or just a few words? I'd carry this obsession over even to the Post Office - which postage stamp would look the best on this card?

After doing a few DIY projects for my wedding, I realized I LOVED paper projects. Gimme some nice card stock, cute stamps, embossing powder and a heat gun and I'd be in heaven. For hours. Put some tennis on the TV and have Ivy, my 10-year old Staffie Bull, on the dog bed next to me and I could be lost in a sea of creativity for the day.

StationIVY is my way to share my love for great stationery, cool designs and hopefully, help you get your fun & flirty message across.

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::: Looking for fun, handmade, non-commercial cards? You've arrived at the right station! We're keeping things short,
     sweet and simple both in message and design.

::: Spring Birthdays coming up? Treat someone to one of our straight-from-the-heart StationIVY originals.

::: Thanks for supporting small guys like us! More edgy fun to come, so please add us to your Etsy "Favorites"!

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